Airo Games LTD,
Edinburgh, UK
Release Date
December 2018
(other languages as Kickstarter stretch goals)
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Thank you for your interest in Life of Delta.

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Life of Delta - Making of


Life of Delta is a beautiful hand-painted point-and-click adventure game that is set in a post-apocalyptic Japan.

It is full of various characters that you can interact with and mini-games that you need to solve in order to pass through 25 various levels.


Beautiful art style:

A carefully hand-painted environment of post-apocalyptic Japan

Diverse locations:

You will experience an extraordinary journey through an expansive world that includes 25 hand-painted levels. You will travel through the desert wasteland, metal junkyard, cyberpunk styled locations, various Japanese interiors, post-apocalyptic Japanese suburbs, a futuristic army base and many more.

Diverse characters:

You will meet various characters throughout your journey that you will need to interact with. Some of them will be friendly and some of them hostile.

Diverse mini-games:

Life of Delta includes over 25 different hand painted and detailed mini-games that will require logic and wits to solve them.

For players of all ages:

This game is suitable for adults and for younger players


In a not so distant future when humanity reaches a tipping point in developing various technologies, they will also deplete most of the earth’s resources. A great war follows that wipes out all the humans around the globe. After hundreds of years of radiation fallout, humanoid lizards and robots will emerge on the earth’s surface.

In the land that was once known as Japan, lives a small robot called Delta. He and his father, a well-known scientist both live peacefully on the outskirts of a large desert. But one day, Delta’s father suddenly disappears. Delta decides to go out there, into the wilderness and bring him back home.